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Welcome to my little slice of the internet.

Hello! This is the best place to get to know me and for me to showcase my work.


Google Apps Script (GAS) ScriptDB Replacement

No ScriptDB? No problem.

On May 15th Google announced that it was deprecating it's ScriptDB service. As a developer who leaned heavily on ScriptDB this meant adjusting and finding a new NoSQL database by November 20, 2014 when the service will go the way of the dodos.

Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) Responsive Design

Moving to a Responsive Design

Before working on this project, I didn't know much about responsive design. It's implementation, level of effort, and difficulties were all a mystery to me. After this project, I had a newfound respect for well designed mobile sites and the confidence to implement one.

New Forest Earth (NFE) Redesign

Complete Site Migration and Redesign

My wife introduced me to Andon Zebal when she heard he was looking for a volunteer to help him out with his website, New Forest Earth. When I first started working with Andon, he told me that his site was badly in need of a redesign and a migration to a new platform. His site was living on an old, out-dated, virus-prone, and buggy Joomla instance.

Office of Justice Services (OJS) Redesign

Partial Site Redesign

This redesign was different from a lot of others that I had done in the past because it involved redesigning only a section of an entire website. The goal was to give this section devoted to Justice Services a look that clearly differentiated it from other sections, while maintaining some consistency with the parent website. That's a challenging task and it got more interesting when the customer wanted to showcase their burgeoning social media presence.

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