New Forest Earth (NFE) Redesign

Complete Site Migration and Redesign

My wife introduced me to Andon Zebal when she heard he was looking for a volunteer to help him out with his website, New Forest Earth. When I first started working with Andon, he told me that his site was badly in need of a redesign and a migration to a new platform. His site was living on an old, out-dated, virus-prone, and buggy Joomla instance.

After a few meetings, we decided the best course of action would be to move onto the more modern WordPress platform. Below you can see what his site looked like prior to my arrival.

New Forest Earth's old design on their home page

Choosing the platform was a fairly easy choice as WordPress is very modern and has tons of useful plug-ins to use. Not only that, but it was also ideal for Andon to manage once I finished the migration. During my spare time over the next few weeks he gave me requirements on creating a new design namely that it had to have a hand made/non-corporate feel, which reflected the products that he sells.

You'll see the look of the site once I implemented his vision which was accomplished with a background image of hand-made paper that he sells, a minimalist layout for images and text, and the subtle display of his social media presence and search feature. I also made sure that the e-commerce solution kept up with that aesthetic while improving the experience for user's of his website.

New Forest Earth's new design on their home page

Designing for larger screens was only half the battle. He wanted to make sure his site offered the same experience on a desktop as it does on a mobile device. His old solution had nothing of the sort, so doing this was breaking new ground for his company. He also had an additional requirement--the mobile site should open up on the shop page rather than the home page by default. Thanks to a combination of CSS and plug-ins, I was able to accomplish this as you can see below.

New Forest Earth's new design on their mobile home page